Why?  Because I couldn't figure out how to reply to comments on one's own blog without either creating a new post, editing the commented post or replying as an outsider.  As per usual with me, it was in front of my face the entire time - just post like everyone else. /facepalm
First, we can all start by having a good laugh at me, because after using the internet constantly for the past 7 years, I've just spent the past 3 hours setting up my first website on my own domain and this is all I have come up with so far. :P  Seriously though, it has been interesting; I've had to do a lot of setup and reading and even writing (must have backup records of all the details of the umpteen different things I need to keep track of, after all) in order to get this far, and I've only just started.  So much to organise at some point; contact and forum pages, sorting through massloads of code to figure out what's worth putting out there, hell, even deciding on the layout of the site and what media to flesh it out with.

Actually, this is fine for now; the cup of coffee and 'empty book' suit the state of both myself and the site perfectly, in fact (whether or not in that order I'll leave you do decide, it may work either way).